Christchurch Red Zone

rooms -  3

Job length -  12 months

Location -  Christchurch

Architect -  Borrmeister Architects

Job cost -  $900,000+

Details -  Residential rebuild


Christchurch Red Zone

rooms -  13

Job length -  7 months

Location -  Christchurch

Architect -  warren and mahoney

Job cost -  $1.1m

multi complex -  3 retail stores + Tertiary Institute

Christchurch home Refurbishment    

rooms -  3

Job length -  4 months

Location -  Christchurch

Architect -  design and build

Job cost -  $150,000 +

Details -  Earthquake repair & refurbisment

Christchurch rebuild 

rooms -  3 bed

Job length -  5 months

Location -  Christchurch

Details -  demolition and rebuild, Eathquake damage


Solar Home  

rooms -  5 bed

Job length -  6 months

Location -  Christchurch

Architect -  refurbisment

Job cost -  $200,00+

Details -  Earthquake repair


earthquake stregthen

This home aims to operate 100% independently powered via an array of photovoltaic cells. Marlborough’s solar advantages will help produce energy for underfloor heating, appliances, lighting, and hot water. Excess energy generated can be fed back into the grid.

Passive solar heating through window positioning and glazing technology will transfer the sun’s energy to thermal mass materials within the home (exposed concrete flooring and block walls). Combine this with a high level of insulation in glazing, floor, walls and roofing and the result is a controlled, comfortable environment internally. Additional warmth when needed in the cooler months will be provided through underfloor heating and a wetback fire.

The photovoltaic panels form north-facing overhangs which will provide shade in warmer months and prevent excessive heat gain. Natural ventilation will help cool the home whilst east and west facing windows are limited to reduce solar gain when the sun is lower in the sky.

Efficient solar design… creating a home that is good for people, good for the planet, and good for the pocket!

ribraft foundations                          >


cut and polished croncrete floor >>>

laser cut sound reduction roof      >>                     


solar panel eyebrow                   >>>

framework withn concrete blocks    >

Architect -  Chris Nott

Location -  Marlborough

Job length -  9 months

rooms -  3 bed

Job cost -  $700,000 +

Details -  Solar 

Architect -  Oregon          Structural Engineers

Location -  Wellington

Job length -  12 months

 -  16 floors

Job cost -  $1.5m +

multi complex -  16 story highrise

Christchurch earthquake repair